Main Features of SafeWeb


Focused working environment

Block social networking sites and game apps while learning or working.

Phishing Detect

Shows time-wasting behaviors

Usage time of applications and time spent on websites are listed on the dashboard.

Smart Scan

Real-time reporting

Report a graph on the admin's web or send a warning email about a policy violator.

Block dangerous and malicious website

Just turn on your smart phone and you can immediately know what your child is doing on the computer, playing a game or on social media?
From the real-time data table, you can instantly block inappropriate websites or unused apps.

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Clean environment to focus on studying

When online, a lot of interesting and attractive things will make children lose focus. Create a whitelist of only websites and apps dedicated to learning.
After school, your child can use game apps or visit social networking sites. You give permission by turning off whitelist mode or setting automatic timers.

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Safe and reliable

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  • • Up to 2 PCs
  • • Up to 2 Kids
  • • No Focus mode
  • • No block game apps
  • • Unlimited Blacklist
  • • No Screenshots
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  • • Up to 4 PCs
  • • Up to 4 Kids
  • • Focus mode
  • • Block game apps
  • • Unlimited Blacklist
  • • No Screenshots
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  • • Up to 6 PCs
  • • Up to 6 Kids
  • • Focus mode and timer
  • • Block game apps and timer
  • • Unlimited Blacklist
  • • Screenshots
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