Automatic Login in Windows 10

How to disable login screen when booting into Windows 10? There are also times you want to turn on automatic login to save your time to enter a password each time you switch on your computer.


Autologon is a small, portable utility developed by SysInternals that makes the job of setting up Windows automatic logon even more simple. After you’ve downloaded it, unzip it and run the executable file.

Download: Autologon


The first time you run it, you have to accept the license terms. By default, Autologon automatically fills out domain and the username of the currently logged in account, with an option to change them if required. If you want to automatically log into a Microsoft account, you need to type the name of the associated local account.


Turn Off Automatic Login:

If you want to turn off automatic login for a specific account, just type your account name and click Disable, and you’re done!

Turn On Automatic Login:

If you want to turn on automatic logon, type your account name and password. Click Enable. Finally restart your computer and Windows 10 will boot straight into your desired user account without asking for a password.